Retour sur la conférence du 14/11 « The future of work » organisée avec KMPG

The conference, “The future of jobs: new skillsets needed”, has discussed how the nature of employment is undergoing a tremendous shift. As Luxembourg continues to reinvent itself to stay competitive and to lead the way in Europe’s social and economic transformation, what does the future of jobs look like here?

Our featured speakers include:

  • Nicolas Schmit, Luxembourg Minister of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy
  • Françoise Thoma, CEO and President of the Executive Committee of the Luxembourg State and Savings Bank (BCEE)
  • Serge Allegrezza, Director General of the Institute for Statistics and Economic studies (STATEC)
  • Antoine Hron, Partner at Klin.lu, Founder of Halo SARL


We discussed aboud : changing period, change management, communication, competences, soft skills, creativity, knowledge, digital automatization, ICT, lifelong learning, human ressources, resilience, innvation and entrepreneurship, intergenarational cooperation.


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